Solar Wind 16


The 16th International Solar Wind Conference will be held in Pacific Grove, California, June 12-16, 2023, at the historic Asilomar Conference Grounds, the site of Solar Wind 2 and Solar Wind 3 in 1971 and 1974, respectively.

The three-annual Solar Wind Conference will cover all aspects of solar wind physics, with invited and contributed presentations that examine the current research and outline the future directions in all the relevant fields.

Solar Wind 16 is been organized by the Space Sciences Laboratory – University of California Berkeley. The meeting will take place at the Asilomar Conference Grounds in Pacific Grove, California. Asilomar is near the city of Monterey, a short distance from the city center and all its attractions.


  1. Fundamentals of Solar Wind Physics 

Chairs: Tim Horbury, Louise Harra, Nour E. Raouafi

  1. Heating and Acceleration of the solar wind 

Chairs: Milan Maksimovich, Marco Velli

  1. Solar Wind Interactions

Chairs: Christina Cohen, TBD

  1. The ‘Big Picture’


Science Organizing Committee:

  • Stuart D. Bale, UC Berkeley
  • Christina Cohen, Caltech
  • Louise Harra, PMOD/WRC
  • Tim Horbury, Imperial College, London
  • Justin Kasper, BWX Technologies
  • Sue Lepri, University of Michigan
  • Milan Maksimovic, Observatory of Meudon
  • Nour Raouafi, APL
  • Marco Velli, UCLA
  • Angelos Vourlidas, APL
  • Linghua Wang, Peking University

Local Organizing Committee:

  • Stuart Bale, UC Berkeley
  • Phyllis Whittlesey, UC Berkeley
  • Trevor Bowen, UC Berkeley
  • Marc Pulupa, UC Berkeley
  • Chadi Salem, UC Berkeley
  • Juan Carlos Martinez Oliveros, UC Berkeley
  • Milo Buitrago-Casas, UC Berkeley